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EV charging does not require any upgrades to your home electrical service, and depending upon how much you commute in a day, charging your EV may be as simple as plugging it into the regular 110V outlet.

While EV Level 1 charging can be completed from a regular 110V receptacle, a dedicated Level 2 charger is the ideal home charging solution as it can fully charge most Electric Vehicles in 4 to 8 hours.

Charging will be significantly enhanced with the addition of a dedicated home charger, and cars that feature DC Fast-Charging are better suited for road trips. Fast Charging networks like Peaks to Prairies and Canada’s Electric Highway are great quality-of-life improvements for EV owners!

Continue reading to learn more about the different levels of chargers and to see some home charging options available to you as an EV owner. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us!

EV charging

Home Charger Levels Explained:


Level 1

Charging from any regular household outlet, including block heater outlets available at parkades, etc (110V/120V). Very convenient, as they are wildly available – and used by most of our customers to charge their EVs at home.


  • No investment needed (each EV comes with Level 1 charger)
  • Plug-Ins can be found everywhere
  • Enough charge available for driving up to ~80km per day


  • Not possible to fully charge in just a few hours, or recover significant range overnight


Level 2

This type of “juicing-up” is usually called Destination Charging, as it is most suitable for charging the car in several hours when you reach your destination. This includes home charging – requiring a 16 or 32 Amp 220V/240V circuit.


  • Speed: will always completely charge your EV overnight
  • May be fairly easy to set up (no electrical work required)
  • Apps available for remote control and stats on quite a few models
  • Slightly more efficient charging than Level 1


  • Requires one-time investment which can vary from $250 to several Thousand, depending upon your existing home wiring


Level 3

High-powered (50kW+) DC fast chargers – usually available along major highways and important thoroughfares. Usually used mid-journey, hence emphasis is on the speed of charging. Most EVs can reach 80% charge in 30-40 minutes, after which you would continue your trip. Similar to gas stations, you can pay with your credit card – or sign up for an account to be billed.


  • VERY fast charging
  • Locations are in line with most driving needs


  • The most expensive EV charging (usually still under the cost of gasoline)

Home Charger Levels Explained:

Grizzl-e is a brand of United Chargers Inc. – a Canadian EVSE manufacturer and Software company focused on research, development, and manufacturing of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. United Charger’s products are proudly made in Canada in an 18,000 Sq Ft facility located at 90 Gough Road, Unit 2, Markham, Ontario, Canada.

Duosida is an overseas manufacturer offering portable EVSEs at value prices. These chargers can be used as portable chargers or they can be affixed to a wall using the built in wall mount. Duosida Level 1 and 2 chargers are compatible with SAE J1772 plugs, the standard for vehicles available in North America.


Wallbox is an award winning EV charger manufacturer that originated in Barcelona, with a new manufacturing plant in the US to service North America. Offering a range of charging products for home and public use, including the Pulsar Plus smart charger with in-house app for easy access and control.